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At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, our board certified weight loss doctor creates weight loss programs that are personalized for each patient. We offer many effective weight loss solutions in a judgement-free setting!

Welcome To Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness

At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, our weight loss doctor guides patients step by step through the weight loss journey! Our board certified providers will help each patient with losing weight, wellness and the long-term goals. Our programs are individually created for patients in any phase of life and heath status. From customized diet plans to pharmaceutical grade weight-loss supplements, Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness has the solutions for you to succeed!
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Board Certified Weight Loss Doctor

At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, every customized program is overseen and managed by our board certified weight loss doctor. Your goals are being monitored and supported by a team of passionate experts who want to help you achieve your weight loss goals!
Diet Plans For Weight Loss

Customized Diet Plans

Our easy to-follow meal plans are customized to meet each patient’s individual lifestyle. We help educate our patients on appropriate food choices to initiate and maintain losing weight using everyday foods! No need for overpriced foods and gimmick products here!
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Prescription Weight-Loss Supplements

Our professionals are trained and have extensive experience with a variety of different wellness products including:
  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
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Real Weight Loss Results From Real Patients!

Our patients LOVE to share all of their success with us and our Facebook Support Group! We have built an entire community of hard-working, motivated, and excited patients who are encouraging others to work hard everyday! Losing weight is not easy. It can be mentally, emotionally  and physically exhausting at times. With our entire patient community encouraging you with daily news, recipes, workout routines and success stories, anything is possible!

Meet Our Weight Loss Experts


Shannon Schlicher, APRN, FNP-BC

Shannon is board certified by the AANP in family medicine with an emphasis on Obesity Management. She graduated from UNC Wilmington with her Graduate Degree after graduating from Queens University with her Bachelor Degree. She has a passion for helping her hundreds of satisfied patients with their wellness goals and hopes to help many more!
Certified medical Assistant

Briana Walker

Briana is North Carolina raised from a military family. She has a deep passion for assisting patients with their health and wellness goals. Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and exploring the world!
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