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Our Suboxone Clinic in Charlotte, NC provides personalized, out-patient treatment programs for patients going through substance and opioid withdrawal with the use of Suboxone, Subutex and Buprenorphine

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We understand every situation is different, which requires our medical team to listen, understand, and deliver personal treatment plans that deliver short and long term success. Ascend Health ensures that every patient will be treated with the respect, time and attention they deserve. Our Suboxone Clinic is here to help.

Suboxone Clinic
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Suboxone Clinic Philosophy

The Four Promises That Make Up The Ascend Health Difference

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In-Depth Treatment
At Ascend Health, we understand substance abuse disorder as a medical condition that can improve with treatment. Our medical team looks beyond the diagnosis to treat underlying causes to establish a long-term strategy for success.
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Evidence-based services
We have decades of data showing that our approach helps people recover from substance dependency. Every service we offer has evidence that supports its effectiveness.
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Personalized treatment plans
At Ascend Health, we understand each patient is different. During intake, we’ll develop a care strategy tailored to your needs, carefully considering your symptoms and situation and creating a Suboxone treatment plan with the highest chance of success.
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Respectful Care
Our out-patient Suboxone clinic providers and staff promote a positive and up-lifting office environment to provide a first-class experience. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients know they will be treated with respect and dignity.

Suboxone Clinic Program


What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is the brand name for a prescription medication that is designed to treat opioid addiction. Suboxone has two ingredients: the opioid buprenorphine and the medication naloxone. The combined effects of these two ingredients reduce cravings for addictive opioids such as heroin, codeine, fentanyl, and oxycodone. Suboxone must be prescribed at a Suboxone Clinic.

People who are undergoing treatment for opioid addiction usually take Suboxone to manage withdrawal while they detox from opioids. Afterwards, they often continue to use the medication to control cravings and withdrawal while they progress through therapy and rehab. Suboxone is not meant to be a cure for opioid addiction, but rather a helpful part of the recovery process.

In the United States, Suboxone is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance, a drug which has medical value yet also carries moderate risks for addiction. As a result, only a Suboxone Clinic that receives certification from the Department of Health and Human Services may prescribe Suboxone. The medication is manufactured as dissolvable films and tablets.

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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

(MAT) is the use of Suboxone medication in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders. A combination of medication and behavioral therapies is effective in the treatment of substance use disorders and can help some people to sustain recovery.

Integrated treatment planning that includes substance use screening and treatment is key to providing better health outcomes in integrated care.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Ascend Health really changed my outlook on life. For the first time in 17 years I am excited about my future. These guys are truly miracle workers. Their phone line is always open. Even during the week, they will reach out just to check up on me and to see if I need anything. The medical team is awesome and down to Earth. Straight forward without judgement.

  • Greatly improved my life and outlook on life with such a positive influence. I feel it was definitely a step in the right direction to make this change in my life and so happy I chose them for help. You cannot go wrong with this staff. All welcoming! Thanks guys!

  • An amazing staff. No pressure whatsoever. They really have transformed my life for the better. I feel like I am on the right track for the better.


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