3 Best Ways To Find A Suboxone Dr

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3 Best Ways to Find A suboxone DR.

Ascend Health PLLC Suboxone Dr.

Suboxone is a proven and effective treatment for opioid dependence. At Ascend Health PLLC, we are the premier provider of medication-assisted treatment in Charlotte, NC and Statesville, NC. Speak to our team of qualified doctors today about utilizing suboxone to overcome your opioid addiction.

3 Ways To Find A Suboxone Dr.

Use Google Search For A Suboxone Dr

Google is a great search engine that allows you to view locations, reviews and direction

Use Yelp For A Local Suboxone Clinic

Yelp searches allow you to view many pictures, reviews and prices on the home screen for fast selections

Refer to Large National Directories

Directories allow a wider search but less details regarding hours and prices.

About Suboxone

Suboxone contains two active ingredients: buprenorphine and naloxone.

Benefits of Suboxone

Suboxone is a proven and effective treatment for opioid dependence.

Medication Management

Our professionals help you manage your current medication.

Helping Others Since 2019

We are North Carolina’s premier provider of medically-assisted treatment options. Our team of doctors are experts in prescribing, administering, and overseeing suboxone as an effective treatment for opioid dependence. Speak to our team today and learn more about our suboxone clinic and your options for overcoming an opioid dependence.

Treatment For Opioid Addiction

Suboxone is the brand-name prescription of buprenorphine and naloxone, a popular treatment option for people seeking to overcome opioid addictions, such as heroin and prescription painkiller. It works to prevent the difficult withdrawal symptoms brought on by opioid addiction. Suboxone can be prescribed by a qualified doctor and is beneficial to patients across the treatment and recovery process.

How Is Suboxone Given?

Typically, suboxone is administered as an oral film dissolved under a person’s tongue, known as a sublingual method. It may also be placed between a person’s gums and cheek, which is known as buccal. The sublingual film makes suboxone easier to supervise, which deters its misuse.

The film takes approximately six minutes to dissolve under the tongue. To deter misuse, doctors may require doses to be taken in their presence or allowing only limited doses to be provided to the patient at one time.

What Are The Benefits Of Suboxone?

As noted, suboxone is a proven and effective treatment for opioid dependence. It has a lower potential for abuse than other drugs, such as Methadone, which treat both chronic pain and opioid addiction.

Suboxone has a high success rate in treating opioid dependence. As qualified doctors can prescribe it, it has greater accessibility than other drugs.

It is regarded as a reliable treatment option for people struggling with opioid dependence and its associated side effects. Besides pain management, it is beneficial in reducing the cravings for drug use and significantly reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

How Is Suboxone Prescribed?

To obtain suboxone, a person requires a valid written prescription from a certified doctor or healthcare professional. Admission to a treatment clinic is not required to receive suboxone. Due to the active ingredients involved, your doctor will likely closely oversee the start of the treatment.

This may involve visiting the office to take suboxone to prevent misuse and ensure that it is correctly taken. Should a person be allowed to take the drug at home, their doctor may only issue a small number of doses at any one time. This level of monitoring may be relaxed over time.

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