Suboxone Clinic That Accepts Medicaid

“Suboxone Clinic Near Me That Accepts Medicaid” & What You Need To Know When Looking For A Suboxone Clinic or Doctor For Suboxone Treatment


NC Medicaid


“I have Medicaid, what should I do to find a Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid?”:

Many offices will say to prospective new patients that they “accept medicaid” for their services. This is extremely vague because there are many services that a Suboxone Clinic can offer that might or might not be covered by Medicaid. Also, some offices can offer services that could be covered by Medicaid, but they choose not to. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about Medicaid (North Carolina Medicaid specifically) and what you need to know to find the right “Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid”.


What NC Medicaid Levels Are There?:

NC Medicaid has several different “tiers” or “levels” of coverage.

    • Family Planning Medicaid Coverage
    • Normal “Medicaid” Coverage
    • Mental Health Coverage

The Family Planning Medicaid Coverage does NOT cover Suboxone Clinic visits. This type of Medicaid coverage is specifically for covering family planning/pregnancy uses and would not be cover any MAT offices/visits.

  The Normal “Medicaid” coverage and Mental Health Coverage options with NC Medicaid DO COVER Suboxone Clinic visits and cover all major codes used by office billers. With these options, the visits to a “Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid” would have a $3 copay for all patients. A patient that is pregnant will have a $0 copay as Medicaid picks up that charge. The cost for all medications covered by Medicaid at a pharmacy will be $3, unless the patient is pregnant where there would be a $0 copay.

What Should I Verify When I Call A “Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid?:

Any new patient calling an office will need to verify that the FULL VISIT is covered by NC Medicaid. There are offices that say they will accept NC Medicaid for only certain parts of the office visit (Meeting with provider or the urine drug screen) and will charge a cash price for the other. Some offices will say they are “accepting Medicaid” but expect payments for initial visits of $100+ per visit.


What Should I Confirm With Medicaid Before My First Visit?:

Any new patient will want to confirm with NC Tracks (800-688-6696) that their coverage is active and that they do not have any sort of “lock in” for a provider or pharmacy. A “lock in” is a Medicaid option that limits a recipient’s options for seeing a provider or pharmacies that dispense their medication. A call to NC Tracks an update their lock in. A caller will want to have the office name, NPI and address of the new office to update the Medicaid lock in.


What Services Will Medicaid Cover?:

NC Medicaid will cover a variety of charges that a Suboxone Clinic will use for their Suboxone Treatment Programs. Contact the “Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid” you are potentially joining as a new patient to confirm all of their codes will be covered by Medicaid prior to the visit.

Other Resources For Frequently Asked Questions:

Ascend Health PLLC is always there to answer and explain services that are provided at our Suboxone Clinic. Call Ascend Health PLLC at 980-579-4889. Ascend Health PLLC is a “Suboxone Clinic near me that accepts Medicaid” and all of our services are covered by the standard Medicaid plan and the Mental Health Services coverage through NC Tracks. Call today to schedule a new patient appointment or ask us for more information to help yourself or a loved one.

For questions regarding NC Medicaid coverage, refer to the NC Tracks website. You can also apply for NC Medicaid HERE.

Check here for more information regarding Opioid Addiction & Abuse.

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